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I’m 9 Weeks!

Actually I’m 8 weeks, 4 days based on my LMP; but since I have short cycles, I feel that those things are not quite accurate for me.

So yeah, I decided to post this…to kinda share and compare how this pregnancy is going compared to my last one. I’m feeling really encouraged! No bleeding or spotting. Although at around 7 weeks, I did have some tan discharge…not sure what that was, but it lasted no time.

My relationship with food is 500 times better this time around. When food, meat especially, is cooking, it doesn’t smell “good” to me. However it doesn’t make me unbearably sick like last time. And while my appetite is picky, I can eat things! Last night my BF made steak, and I ate it! I still get a weird taste in my mouth after eating most things. Oh, and I’m always thirsty. But I’m definitely getting my calories in this time around. And for that I’m thrilled!

Speaking of food, I just crushed some palak paneer and a blue monster smoothie! So proud!

However I am a bit stressed about no having my first prenatal appointment yet. I applied for Medicare….and I’m on it. However, it said that I can’t start using it until May 1st! WTF. I don’t know what to do. I should be seeing someone NOW.

Also, I haven’t worked since I conceived. I am experiencing a lot of fatigue (I sleep and nap a lot). I’m scheduled to start a new job next week (we desperately need the money)…but I wonder how I’ll be able to deal with going a full 8-9 hours with no nap…

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I want these for my kids



you sound like a very judgmental person. people are allowed to be happy and share their stories, even if you don't deem it to be worthy of your time. and also, going on tumblr and talking about your friends isn't all that different then doing it on facebook.

Asked by Anonymous

Ok, why are you Anonymous? But moving past that, there is a difference between being happy….and being ridiculous and haughty. Just like they are free to their opinion, I’m free to mine. And my OPINION is that it is very presumptuous to have a cake made for your unborn child months before it is born. It is my OPINION that it is weird to publicly recount a biased, self-centered view of your teenage pregnancy (I feel the same about teens having baby showers). It is my OPINION that you don’t harp about your infertility on Facebook (seeking consolation and support is one thing…but this was another). And it is my OPINION that being a mother doesn’t make you supernatural creature.

And not all of these stories were happy, btw. Facebook is not the place for therapy. It’s also not a place to be bragging and boastful about how wonderful your life is….even though plenty of people use it for that purpose. Life is not all wine and roses. It’s fake to portray it as such. And that is just how I take that…

Also I’m not “talking” about my Friends. I’m talking about the nature of various posts on Facebook. Their posts where about THEM…not anyone else. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

Only G-d can judge my friend. But we humans can have opinions & voice them…so I’m not going to hesitate to share mine!

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Facebook Is Unbearable At Times

I log onto Facebook several times a day on my iPod, and that’s probably a good thing. Because I hate typing on the thing, so many times I don’t bother with responding to many of the posts that I want to…

Well tonight I came across four posts that were just ridiculous IMHO. As an infertile woman who has experiences losses and is now in the 1st trimester, I’ve just gotten to the point where my view of pregnancy and parenthood is just vastly different than most people out there it seems.

So the first post was from a friend who decided to go into detail about the labor and birth of her son 19 years prior. Ok. Nevermind that we are the same age and that means that you had him when you were 16. Yes, you should have been on a certain reality show (if it had existed back then). I’m not saying teenagers shouldn’t have kids (my mother was even younger when she had me). But in your beautiful birth story, there was no mention at all of the fact that you were out of school, that the baby’s father left you high and dry, that you were dependent on your grandmother’s help at the time? 

Next was the post of a cake welcoming the arrival of a baby girl….who is due in May 2014. Yep. She’s named, has a cake that says “Welcome to the world ____”, and hasn’t even been born yet! WTF people? I get it. You’re expecting, you’re happy, you gave your baby a name. But tomorrow is not promised to us. Sorry to be morbid, but G-d forbid, your baby can have the cord wrapped around its neck during labor and die then. That’s devastating enough as it is. Imagine how it would be when you’re buying food and presents for the child months before its even born…..

Then there was a photo post about “I’m a mother….I’m so wonderful….my babies are my life…..blah, blah, blah”. Oh please. PLEASE! A woman is no less of a person if she doesn’t have babies. And why is this such a one sided thing. You don’t see men posting about “I’m a father….I’m blessed…my babies are my life…” Why do women get to act like they are Mother Nature incarnate just because they carry and give birth to a child? It’s not like you willed the child to start growing on your own. Yet mothers are soooo special? No….just no.

And finally there was a post, which was the 4th in a series of posts, from an infertile woman who is mad because AF is here and it’s been years for them. Ok, I completely understand your feelings. But she is getting mad at everyone else who has posted their BFPs and talking about pregnancy. Yes, it sucks, It sucks being reminded all the time in every way that other women can get pregnant easily and you cannot. But that’s how the world operates. Its ok to vent…once in a while. Not 5 times in a weekend!

Oh and I didn’t count it as a terrible post, but my friend is 8 weeks pregnant with her 3rd, and joyously posting and talking about it on Facebook. Yeah…that will be me….NEVER! 

Facebook is just so crazy. I feel like this is going to be a long 8 months….

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Could This Be It?

Well I got the surprise of a lifetime this week. I think so anyway. AF was due on Wednesday. There was no way I could forget because my rent was also due. They morning started out with some discomfort…bloating, some uterus pulling…but no full-blown pre-menstrual cramping. At some point I went to the bathroom and got pink spotting. Welp…that’s it. Put on a pad and waited for full-blown AF. However she never came…that day, or the following! Later I did get brown (more like tan) spotting and one little bright red blood clot. And that was it. The next day, I still felt bloated and gassy….so I figured I had spotting, a stop, and then she was coming. Still nothing. Finally I got brave enough to ditch a pad/pantyliner.

So could this really be it? I haven’t been temping or timing really….although I really try to BD starting CD8 - CD12 every cycle to cover my bases. I hardly took any supplements….just a few days of Vitex. So crazy!

No symptoms…except for heavy (but not sore) boobies. I’m going to wait until next week to test. But I have no other explanation for this phantom period!


Skinhead Reggae is BOSS

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The Clash with Mikey Dread


The Clash with Mikey Dread


It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men
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I love this Jamaican cartoon, it has me howling!