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Much Respect To All The Single Mothers Out There, But….

I really can’t stand ghetto-ass baby mamas! Oh my G-d…I have to deal with one now and it’s just mind numbing! Yes, I realize that unplanned pregnancies happen (been there, done that). I also realize that planned pregnancies can also come with unexpected twists and turns. I grew up broke, living in the housing projects, but yet I’m 32 years old and I don’t have any kids. Do I want a cookie? No. But I do want these women to embrace their new, incredible responsibility to be good mothers. Put your children’s needs before your own. Try to really do what’s best for your babies. And if you think that threatening, stalking, cussing-out, and vandalizing the stuff of your baby daddy’s is what’s “best for your babies”…then you have a lot to learn!

But let’s back up a bit. I’m not on a high-horse, and I can understand that relationships don’t always work out…even under the best of circumstances. But tell me this: if your baby’s daddy is such a piece of shite, then why in the world did you have his baby (or babies)? I don’t know about every woman, but I know most would not want to be bred by the scum of the earth. So what happened between then (the conception of your child) and now? Did you find out something that you didn’t know? (Ok, so why were you so quick to have a baby with someone you didn’t know). Did he cheat on you? (Ok, leave him, but don’t equate his infidelity with you to being a bad father) Does he not make enough money? (Well how much money do you make?) Did he dip out on you when he found out your were pregnant? (Ok, then sue for child support, get a DNA test, collect your checks, then be quiet about it!)

It so sickening…from both sides (bitching about “baby mamas” or “baby daddies”); but these women seem to be let off the hook way too easy. ‘Men just aren’t no good.’ ’Well she carried the baby and gave birth to it.’ ‘Oh…well she is the nuturing, natural child-keeper.’ Yeah….right! Far too many of these poor baby mamas just use their children as playing pieces to play their vindictive games of revenge and emotional torment. They see their child as a perpetual leash on their baby daddy. They put so much energy into hating him and suing him and stalking him that the task of mothering their child is left by the wayside.

Should these men who make babies and then don’t live up to their responsibilities be given a free pass? No, they shouldn’t. But it is also not a baby mama’s place to use their baby as a weapon against these men. And you know what I’m talking about. The ol’ "Well I’m not going to let you see your baby" card! Stop worrying about another person that you can’t control. Take the high ground, and leave that door open for your baby daddy to have a relationship with their child…in spite of your personal feelings towards them. And if they don’t take the opportunity to do so, the leave it up to your child to formulate their own opinion of that. They won’t need any assistance from you in that regard.

I know that this post won’t do a damn thing to help my situation; but it sure felt good to just let it all out anyway!



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